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Spooky Homes and What Really Goes Bump in the Night – The Nightmare of Stigmatized Properties.

Spooky Homes and What Really Goes Bump in the Night – The Nightmare of Stigmatized Properties.

You know that feeling you get from a house that immediately feels like home? Well, an exact opposite feeling chases homebuyer right out of a house that “just feels odd”. Welcome to the world of surreal and intangible – a nightmare for any seller who just can’t understand why their home sells below market.


Over a century ago wealthier families installed “coffin doors” in their homes. Huh? People used to expire home and not go to hospitals when they got sick. Instead of carrying the coffin through the front door, they used a more macabre exit. If you see an unusually tall window in a Victorian or Edwardian home… yup … that’s the one.


Picking a “ghost, and stigma-free” house with the right karmic energy is becoming a complex science, in a multicultural real estate market. Each buyer is sensitive to their own sets of curses, dragons, and preconceived notions of what makes a house energetically healthy. The energy and meditation guru I use in my real estate practice says that we are all able to tune into the vibrations of live and inanimate objects. We don’t always know what causes us to feel odd.   So if a home gives you that odd feeling, then there is a possible emotional, financial, or energy lien. In most cases the cause of alien can be identified. Here are some chart toppers of stigmatized homes you can steer clear of.


Feng Shui: The Concept of Famous Chinese Metaphysical forces. Investigate issues like: location, direction of property, as well as layout and street number. By ignoring potential Feng Shui issues, when you decide to sell, you may be eliminating a large number of buyers to whom these issues may matter most. Look out for staircases that face the front door, views straight down a facing street out your front door.


Ghosts: each house will have its own sets of sounds, light illusions and drafts. One seller told me he had to sell because each night near midnight he and his wife could hear voices coming through their vents. They lived alone in a detached house. During a home inspection we identified an old fireplace vent improperly sealed. Further investigation confirmed that what was heard was his neighbours next door in their kitchen dining late after work.


Chills and Thrills: After walking through a perfectly priced house for a reno project, a buyer stated that the house gave him the creeps. Investigation showed that previous owners had died in that house from natural causes, and the executors of the estate were turned off by that house, feeling odd just talking about it so much that they actually left the city once the house went on the market. Once buyer realized that it was a matter of changing the quality of energy of the house by bringing his own interest and love into it, the house took on a different feel for him and he purchased it at a discount.


Boo Hoo, I Scared You!  And then there is the case of the seller willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousand of dollars in potentially hire sale price by purposely creating an uneasy feeling inside his own home.   I recently visited a home for sale where the seller left an image of what seems to be his dead relative superimposed on the background of the photo of his back yard in the from hallway of his house.  If that was’t enough to to chase you right out of there, the rest of the home was equally creepy.  I actually failed to preview the entire home out of personal unease.  Let’s hope that the new buyers figure out how to “Exorcise The Demons”.

With Spooky houses, buyer must always beware. It is up to the buyer and buyer’s agent to do own due diligence about any issue that may stigmatize the home for the buyer. The listing agent is not required to disclose items that are considered “stigmatic”. However, sellers must disclose if a persona died in the house of unnatural causes or if the house was used for illicit activities. Check with your lawyer for a list of disclosures you are entitled to from a listing agent.

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